Saturday, September 25, 2010

Of Cabbages and Kings

I froze cabbage today, and we had to unfreeze it by putting it in the water wherein we were boiling corn.

Pulling corn off the cob is harder than it looks. (My thumb hurt for a good ten minutes, after.)

Corn and cabbage, boiled and raw, are exceptionally delicious. Mayo makes everything better.

So does cheese, but I ate a heel of bread with enough cheese to finish almost a fifth of a tin, so I am clearly biased.

Also extremely well-fed. Had gigantic sandwiches last night.

Watched Lawrence of Arabia last night, to the revelation of someone whao had watched it too young to realise how very slashy the film is. (But my print was slashed through and so we couldn't watch the whole thing, oh woe.)

My Lawrence poster is the object of much obsession.

What I find myself obsessing about is Suryaputra Karna. (Read Chitra Banerjee's Palace; did not like it.)

Must go finish the rest of the corn, the laptop's being wrenched from beneath my typing fingers.

Good-bye, sweet gentleladies.


  1. Corn, cabbage and cheese? o_O

    Go wash your taste buds with detergent or something.

  2. What's wrong with corn, cabbage and cheese? I myself was going through this vegetarian phase till uptil some time back.